Why should you use Finlaver-accumulator?

1. Safe shower


Solution enables modern safe shower in a traditional sauna.


2. Heat the sauna and water at the same time

While you are heating your sauna, you can heat the warm water at same time. Thermal energy is stored in a huge amount of water. Warm water is still available in the next morning


3. New floor plan to sauna

Separe traditional hot boiling pot is vanished. Space-saving warm water solution enables new floor plans.

4. Healthier building

Finlaver-accumulator creates air circulation and it dries the washing room after sauna-session.


5. Visual aspect

All the technical equipment is inside the wall.


6. Lighter waste water solution

In Finland, when the water is carried into a sauna, the waste water solution can be lighter. In the simpliest way waste water solution is a pit full of stones where the waste water is conducted