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Mobile Sauna House

Mobile Sauna is every man’s dream. Well, this one is not on the wheels, it can be moved to another place if needed. The reason why I have built this sauna like this way, is the distance between my home and the location of my summer home. It was anyway easy to take a hammer even there was few hours for building.


Because it’s a sauna and there is water inside…. I did not want to use wood for the foundation. That’s is why I chose steel and concrete for the base floor.


After the outside working it was the time for inside…




In case you have only solar energy available. It is very easy and economic to heat the water at the same time when the sauna is warming up. Just conect the heat exchanger to Finlaver-accumulator and you have the hot water inside the wall.



Moving the sauna to the countryside…. where the foundation was waiting.



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