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Mobile Summer House

I have built a couple of small cottages for personal use. The way of building was different, because I built them at my home 200 km away from the summer house lot. Cottages were transported later one by a truck. Structure was designed to take the forces from lifting and accelerations during the transportation etc.

I searched Internet for similar projects but there was not much information. That is why I let you know my experiences about my projects in this site. The way of this kind of building remote is good, when you have a long way to summer house. Often there are only few hours of quality time for building in a day. And you can build a summerhouse that looks like you.

The style of my summer house is traditional Finnish house. There is a small house of Finnish national writer (Aleksis Kivi) in our neighborhood. It was his home for the last days of him among his relatives. As it was possible in 19th century for a 5-persons-family to accommodate in a small 25-square-meter cottage, could it be possible also at 21st century? The floor plan is slightly different compared to Aleksis´ cottage. In addition the timber structure was replaced with modern insulated structure and good ventilation to meet to passive house standard in Finland cold climate.


When the cottage was transported, it was nearly finished in the inside. It even was test-slept in case of something inconvenient would have happen in the road. The fireplace is self designed and was built ready before the transportation. Chimney was only half built. Everything went well, anyway…

Body structure solution with subsequent frames

I will translate this in English later… hopefully soon.

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