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Natural Stone Fireplace

Building a Natural Stone Fireplace

In the beginning I want to tell you that I am not a real bricklayer. You will get real advice from real professionals. These is my testimonial with my project in my summer house.
During summer 2012 I masoned a fire place with natural stones and bricks.

You will need good tools nuts, hammer, and a set chisels. Some information may be found here:

I started with the foundation. Remove the soil which is vulnerable for ground frost. Put 20 cm layer of crushed stone over filtering fabric carpet. Put 10 cm thick layer of polystyrene over the crushed stone layer and extend the polystyrene layer 1 meter away from the edge of concrete.

Wash the stones well before masoning.



I installed the stones into to box that there was a big supporting rock in the each corner. Then add the concrete. Do not forget to put steel net at the 3-5 cm height from the bottom.

You can cut and shaped big stones with the nuts. First drill a hole with 13 mm stone drill and then put the nut into the whole. You will need 2-3 nuts to cut a 1 meter diameter stone.



The brick core is insulated from the stones with 1 cm layer of rock wool.


A good way the fill the holes between rocks is to use modeling “clay” (micture of cement, very thin sand and a pinch of sawdust).

I proceeded layer by layer. Masoning bricks, casting concrete among the stones and seaming with the modeling “clay” the holes between the stones. I let one layer (storey) to dry for 5 days before continuing.


While the stones were drying I masoned the bricks inside. After a while it started to look like a fire place.


The inner core of the fire place was made with fireproof bricks and plast.


Next I installed a big frying pan over the fireplace.



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