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Pond Rope Swing

How to Build a Pond Rope Swing

There is a lot of good material of pond-rope-swings in the internet. Here is my creation from the summer of 2014.

I started the project by choosing a 20-meter-tall Aspen-tree (Haapa in Finnish) from the forest. The log was cut into 3 pieces: 14 m, 3 m and 2,5 m length. The logs was let to dry for about two months and after that it was painted with tar. A hook and rope were attached in the thinner end.


Next I dug H-shaped hole in to the ground near by the pond. The horizontal bar of H-letter is diagonally lowering from ground level to 2.5 meters deep. (marked as red in the picture). The other vertical bar of H-letter is at the ground level and the other is at 2 meters deep (marked as white in the picture). While you are digging a deep holes keep monitoring the side walls not to collapse on yourself.

After digging put the Aspen-log over the H-hole. Like a big seesaw the other end of the log will rise almost automatically when you put the additional 3 m log and dirt over the long one.

After the next winter I will probably put an extra support…


I decided to build the jumping platform around of the diagonal Aspen-log. Foundation was made with screwpiles.

At the end the banisters and stairs were installed. It was the time of the test jump. The diagonal Aspen-log is independent and separated from the jumping platform.

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