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Summer Kitchen

How to Build a Summer Kitchen

The project for the summer of 2012 was summer kitchen. Usually the weather is a surprise in the summertime in Finland. That is why I wanted a roof on it and large windows which can be closed in a poor weather. I also wanted roof over the fire place.

I used “” program over an old photograph to sketch guidelines of the building.


Because the ground soil was quite soft I cast a big concrete block as a foundation of the summerhouse. It will resist the Finnish winter when the ground is frozen up to 2 meters depth. Because of the ground frost I put 10 cm polystyrene blocks under the concrete which extend 1 meter over the edge of the concrete block. A steel net was cast inside the concrete.




I put isolation material Finnfoam inside the walls and ceiling to get the following benefits:
– the sheet metal roof is hot at the summer time -> inside is cooler
– at the cold weather the heat remains better inside when the windows are closed
– to make the structure stronger
– to keep out the bees and other insects
– against the wind
– to block the water vapor through the structure


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